Axle Al's Machine Shop - Innovative Axle Repair Solution

Established in 1963 by Albert Araque, Axle Al's Machine Shop has been at the forefront of innovative axle repair solutions for over five decades. Located in Ontario, California, our shop specializes in repairing road equipment, diesel trucks, and other large commercial vehicles, offering a unique, portable approach to axle and spindle repair services.

Original Invention

Initially, Al invented the groundbreaking axle machine that allowed for instant, onsite repairs of spindles and axle housing. This revolutionary technology streamlined the repair process, saving customers time, hassle, and money by eliminating the need to transport the axle to a traditional machine shop.

Axle Al's Machine Shop

Convenient Services

Today, under the leadership of Mike and Mark, Axle Al's Machine Shop has evolved to meet the growing demand for portable repairs.

We have relocated to a more centralized location and rebranded to better serve the vast trucking industry of Southern California.


Our expert team is available Monday - Friday for on-call repair services at various locations, such as airports, movie studios, and truck dealerships. However, we also continue to offer in-shop services for a comprehensive axle repair experience. Trust Axle Al's Machine Shop for all your axle repair, spindle repair, trailer repair, and drive axle repair needs across Southern and Central California. After hours appointments available upon request.

Axle Al's Machine Shop