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Specializing in Axle & Spindle Repairs for Trailers, Trucks, and Heavy Equipment

Axle Al's Machine Shop
Axle Al's Machine Shop

Axle & Spindle Repair - Axle Al's Machine Shop

Since 1963, Axle Al's Machine Shop, your axle & spindle repair specialist, has been providing expert axle and spindle repair services to clients across central and Southern California. Our skilled team of mobile technicians can service your equipment onsite at your location, saving you valuable time.

Time-Saving Benefits

All Repairs Are Completed Without Removing Axles From the Equipment

Mobile Technicians Dispatched via Cell Phone

Repairs Performed at Your Location

Onsite Machine & Welding Services

Our comprehensive repair services include fixing damaged, bent, and worn bearing areas, seals. We also offer complete spindle repair and installation at your location.

Axle Al's Machine Shop

Types of Equipment Serviced

Our skilled technicians can service a wide range of equipment, including tractors, trailers, forklifts, M.C.I. Bus Spindle Extractions, cement mixers, tow trucks, rubbish trucks, motor homes, street sweepers, water trucks, and various construction & industry equipment.

Off-Road Heavy Equipment & Military Services

We also specialize in servicing heavy off-road equipment such as D-60, as well as military equipment like 105 Howitzers Cannons and M60 Main Battle Tanks.
Contact Axle Al's Machine Shop today for all your axle and spindle repair needs. Our professional services and mobile technicians ensure timely and efficient repairs for your equipment.

Axle Al's Machine Shop